Bubble Kill Battle Front

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Ok so I finally made the next "Bubble Kill." NOTE: This is not a continuation of the first and I will make another. And I strongly suggest TO PUT THE QUALITY AT LEAST DOWN TO MEDIUM. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D


Not bad... In fact I like it!

Graphics 6: Gun, helicopter + tank were good but basic characters. Style 8: Some pretty cool scenes in it. Sounds 8: Nice tune but got a lil repetitive, could've added voices. Violence 9: Shooting, fighting, missiles, grenades, tanks. Interactivity 0: Well it's a toon. Humor 5: Not meant to be funny but i couldn't help but giggle when they were fighting.


U know... it was too boring.... boring and long.... gona watch part 2 now... cyaa


oh, that's how he got that cut

i was wondering...maybe i should view the first ones first. i try but this time it didn't happen. the animation looked really good and same with the sound. one thing that got me was that some scenes tended to tale a while to change. but overall, it was good.


It would be cool if you added voices, but it's just a suggetion. Hope you make another one soon.

lightningbomb responds:

thanks alot! glad you liked it!!:D

and the net one will be out very soon it's 3/4 done!!

thansk again!!:D

Best Flash I Seen!

Yeah and thanks for adding me to Co-Authors Mate!

I did the same for Brothers In Arms pt. 1
Everyone Check That Out!

-Justin :)
Voted 5 my brother

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2005
12:20 AM EST
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