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A tribute to Sonic

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OK, well here is my 2nd submission to Newgrounds. It's not a happy one, either; I had been working on this animation for 3 months, and it was coming along extremely well until just a few days ago I formatted my harddrive, and the backup that I had made of the .fla was corrupted. This is the most of it that I could salvage, and no matter how much I wish I could finish it, there's no possible way that I can. Enjoy what you can.

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SONIC ROCKS keep up the good work and make a megaman tribute and make a flash where Sonic finds out that he has a twin brother named CJ and CJ wears a flame shirt all the time and CJ is obssed with girls and Tails is his best friend PLEASE DUDE PLEASE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE FLASHES I'M 11 FOR GOD SAKES


really good, and where did you find that remix of Sonic's theme from SA2?


Hey, nice going for 2nd turn here. Good Graphics, smooth animated, sad that your file corrupted and you could not finish it. I'm quite sure it would get an even better score, as it has right now.

Well, keep up the good work. ;)

5 from me.

TheBroodian responds:

Thanks, and I most certainly WILL keep up the good work, better, in fact!

Hey Warrior_Dragon!

I'm stupid cause I didn't even know that you made flash movies!^_^ This was V though! You did a Viewtiful job! The graphics were V! The audio not my favorite, but it did go with the flash movie! The humor not really funny but cool! The violence their was none. Your style was Viewtiful! OH! and overall it was just viewtiful to watch! Keep it V man! I'm gonna keep an eye on your flash movie for now on!


This was written by someone whom you don't and care about.

TheBroodian responds:

It's V-M! ^_^ OhEmJee! Hey now, don't be stealing my thingy that I put at the end of all my reviews. Mr, "I'm... very... Viewtiful... about... everything..."


yeeeaaaaah. Thanks again! ^_^

Sad thing i read in your author comment.

Always that risk with formating a hard drive. Anyway good job on the flash . Has geat potential

TheBroodian responds:

Thanks! Feel free to check out my first submission. :)

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4.33 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2005
6:20 PM EST