XnC Episode 4

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EPISODE 4- "Los Bebes Estupidos"
Is it possible to make someone dumber than Timmy? Find out...

It's been a while, but this MGS inspired Episode is finally up and running!



funny but had flaws

Dude, that was awesome! I'v seen all XnC toons and they are all great (well, except XnC 1.5). But the thing is, the sound was delayed and not in sync with the mouths towards the end of the show. Numbers 1-3 didn't have this problem (well, i don't think they did, its been a while since I've seen them). All and all, this flik was funny as hell. Keep up the good work, and can't wait to see ep.6. Maybe for ep.7 you could talk about alchemy (like in Fullmetal Alchemist). Thanks! CANADA!111!!

That...was really long

I didn't finish it. It was just too damn long. And boring. The animation wasn't horrible, but it wasn't smooth and good (Was the MGS bad guy's mouth supposed to randomly be on his forehead in one shot?).
Randomness makes for ok humor for some people, but not for me, so I'm shooting it down in that area. Get a better microphone or get closer to it or something, cuz I couldn't hear all that well. And at least give people a point to look forward to rather than a long series of random cut-aways to confusing inconsequential attempted jokes. That way we know when there's actually going to be something worth watching eventually. Oh, and get a girl and a friend so you have more voice actors.

DtotheG responds:

I do have othewr voice actors, they weren't available at the time. The mic I got I'm still getting used to (I was THIS close to adding subtitles). There was a plot, as introduced in ther beginning, at think that the cut-aways made sense if you keep in mind the fact that this is also a spoof of Metal Gear Solid. The mouth was a screw-up on my part. I don;t know too much ActionScript, so I can't do a Scene select if you want to skip ahead to see if there's something you WILL like. I will probably re-release this in the future with these changes, I might not.

nice one ...

bet u work lots of days for that isn't ??anywayz here is a 10

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Nov 25, 2005
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