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GG - 11/25: Starberry

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Author Comments

Salutations, Newgrounds.

Today, if you did not know, is "Glock Revival Day" which when translated means SANNACANSDNAH3NASC3322. What you may not know is that I, Starberry, was one of the first Glock members but I was a lazy sack and never did anything for them aside from two ATTN movies.

But now on this day of revival, my spirits for the GG have been revived and I bring to you a new epic of ungodly proportions.

Enjoy the show and be sure to go to http://www.glockgroup.ne

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((( LOL )))

Well i dont know about the whole gg days but this did make me laugh, allthough the animations and art were slightly sloppy but it has room to be improved, also lower the filesize thatw as just abit much...

Lowering the filesize would be a start, more effort and detail on characters to backrounds...

Funny random, and silly, but thats what makes newgrounds go around right hehe...


Starberry responds:

4:00 AM Turning over in bed In the darkness The twinkling of stars
I push my way, swimming through tepid sheets
Pallid A flash A tear-bug 1 Hide-and-seek
The entrance to dreams It can't be found
Is it OK yet? Not yet!

Always whenever I'm shaking, I'm wanting to live
And nothing more than that
The azure flame It burns on Until it becomes a star

All alone The new moon
The flower guardian is (playing) Hide-and-seek
Rain is falling on the continuation of the dream
Is it OK yet? Not yet!

This vast sky, In your eyes, What colours do you see?
A bright despair Keeps running through my chest

In the midst of the light? In the midst of the darkness?

From the beginning, there?s been nothing Yes, nothing
Because of that, the entwined wind slices through my mind
In the act of seizing it,
This second will immediately leave
Always whenever I'm shaking, I'm wanting to live
And nothing more than that
The azure flame It burns on
Until it becomes a star

oh and why are you reviewing this god awful old thing

umm... hahaha?

This was a little weird, like the music was funny and what the people were saying was a little funny too but other then that it was just kinda 'hell let loose'. =)

A re-play button would be nice though because if i do the 'ol rightclick play the "music" at the end is still playing and does get a little anoying after a few minutes. =/

Anyway not a bad flash since it had a few funny parts but nothing that I'd recommend a friend watching. 2/5.

Starberry responds:

the loop of katamari damacy at the end is my favorite part! you're not supposed to skip that!!


yay for starberry and yay for glocks then!

.. i liked how the flashing background at the end was uneven.

Starberry responds:

yeah i did too yeah hey tell these other people to shut up please :(


so, I click on this movie and I think to myself while watching the preloader. Maybe this glock movie will be different, I mean who knows some of their movies are good. then I saw the beginning and I was like ok its so so. and then I watched the whole movie hoping that this was not the actual movie. but it was. this is, excuse my french crap. Ok again you use the never ending loop, hooray! its so entertaining. not. But if you work on your graphics and improve your frame by frame, delete the loop. then I think your movie will be good.

Starberry responds:

the loop has katamari though. HOW DARE YOU NOT ENJOY KATAMARI!

i'm not the best at fbf so i don't really use it very much, but i DO use it.

if you want the truth, i made this in an hour :(.


i figured from the long loading time it would be worth the wait...i was dead wrong that has to be the worst anitmation ive ever seen even worse than 12 oz mouse but at least that makes me laugh occasionaly

Starberry responds:

Favorite Bands:

Insane Clown Posse


Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2005
5:18 PM EST