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Ratbag & Furball #04

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Author Comments

This episode stars Ratbag & Furball in a collection of bloopers where Furball "attempted" to shoot a Pac-Man Movie for me. The problem was that Ratbag's co-operation wasn't very helpful in the process... As a result i decided to use the end result to what Furball miserably failed to deliver to me by the deadline as a "montaged" episode of "Ratbag & Furball". Enjoy!

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Another episode full of entertainment! The adventures of the epic ratbag and furball continue, heh. Great graphics, smooth animation, and a funny plot, again. Looking forward to many more of these! Keep it up!


stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks for the support is all i can say.

So yeah...wow...

That was actually alot funnier than the other ones, although it did take me completly by suprise. Comparing this to your other ones, this one is way more vulgar and yet way more funny to me. I'm giving it two thumbs up and I'd suggest this one to anyone. lol. I was just suprised at the change in script was all. May I ask why you decided to do that?

stoners-lunchbox responds:

When you look at every other episode of Ratbag & Furball (excluding the Service Announcements) they're not exactly very talkative. I decided to add some sort of dialogue to this one and taking the easy way out with the comic relief part of the cartoon. Setting that aside i was talking to my mates about how a Pac-Man spoof would be funny. Most of the lines in this toon are from those discussions.


That silly little rat. I thought it was cute.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks. You gave me a chance to bump the review below.
I hope i wasted enough space this time!

Now THAT's slapstick comedy... hilarious!

I love it! I was choking myself laughing from this, 'specially when Ratbag draws the "cocky" pic on the PacMan. My only query was why sometimes the F-Bomb was censored and sometimes it wasn't. ("Your script sucks, f*** this!" "Ratbag ya FUCKin' moron!" or somethin') Stupendous (sp...?) work, Massimo!
On an offtopic to this movie note: About that Clock Crew: Behind the Magic movie of yours, you know that morons (NG Biggest Fucking Idiots) list of yours? I noticed how it was a little out o' date in the sense that there were a few guys who weren't on the list who I think deserved it IMO. I'll tell ya who if you want, just thought I'd letcha know. ;)

Ingram-J, the worst Clockfriend ever. :P

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Thanks for watching my film.

Quite frankly i finally left the reviews drama behind (exceptions made for when someone takes a free shot at me for personal gain). Matter of fact i deleted that list a while ago when i refurbished my website and updated it with every cartoon i've made so far.
As for the censorship whistle being used only on certain parts of the film, i used it for comical purposes, since it was just a thing of the moment to have it sit there. Just adds more slapstick to it.


That was great, remind me never to make a pac man movie with that rat around lol. Btw did you have the wall see-through or was Ratbag on set? Oh and the ghost could win if Pac Man didn;t get a power pellet but yeah, still very nice.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

hey, man... It's Ratbag and Furball. Does it HAVE to make sense? :D

Thanks for watching!

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2005
10:28 AM EST