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Fear Unlimited Full Edit

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UPDate Due to the success of Fear Unlimited I have finally decided to actually make the sequel , actually the prequel

Fear Unlimited 2 Kingdom Of Hell

UPDATE listen up the game is more than 3 missions long it's 17 missions long that is not urami in mission 1-3 it is his puppet play further to find out more

UPDATE lol I pressed the wrong checking box rather than excessive violence I said it had excessive nudity lol It has been fixed though rated 17 an up

the previous version sent 24 hours ago was a test edit for the programming it all worked so the full edition is now online

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I have no idea how this game survived the Flashpocalypse, but I don't care, this is fucking awesome!

Always watched my older brother play this when I was a kid, and I finally decided to get into the series myself. I suck at it obviously, but hey, that ain't stopping me from having fun! xD

Still one of my favourite games!

boring no point

can someone give me the last 2 songs?

Very Nice

Wow this was very impresive loved the action and the response time was really good with the fighting, and it had a good feel to it like the story it really made it moore fun and while the file was huge it was well worth the wait, a fun game/flash. Fun game like story and good action, keep up the good work.

Nothing as its just perfect.