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SC-Thanksgiving Collab

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Trixareforchumps(trix sprite): Trix has 4 letters

MeatwadSprite: "I hope you all enjoy the movie and hope you all look foward to more movies by the sprite crew."

Sexybeaver(frylock sprite): "Turkey...meat..shotgun"

-repent-: "FIFEN"

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Well this was notbad, i like all the different iones the first one is probably the best one though with the excite bike, the sprites were ok but could be sharper and fresher looking, but all n all i was enteratined with this, hope to see more soon...

Better looking sprites are needed...

Funny sprite flash, could be better looking and presented though...


A train wrek..

Come on sprite Crew! I've seen you guys do much better than this. I measn, Repent and Ham slice's were good, but really, the rest... Sucked.

Hoping this was a one time mess up:
Pirate Sprite


Anybody there wtf u cant have a freaking collab of 5 people and it sucked anyways.


i thought it was okay and all, but can i not be coauthored? it lowers my BA =(

I voted 5 because I had to, but...

C'mon guys, that was pretty piss poor. Repent's was the only really good one (love the Metal Slug guys eating turkey), but other than that it was short on substance. We really need to rise to prominence and stuff like this won't do it.

-Wombat Sprite