Balthor's Tales From Hell

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This is a little cartoon about Hell.
If you don't find the concept of Hell amusing, you should probably avoid this.
But if you're, like, REALLY religious, I suggest you watch it spitefully about a thousand times, and write long, venemous reviews of it. It's your obligation, after all.
For those who liked this cartoon ... THANKS!!!

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"What 'chu talkin' bout, Willis?"

That line still echoes to me after almost two decades.

Oh wow, I remember when I first saw this like, yeeears ago. It was kind of funnier in memory, but that's life for you. Man, flash has come a long way eh?

so if you enjoy shit and monkey sex, hell is not that bad, untill they send you to that room...
how did he got the pillow fight?!!!

The end room reminds me of my kids.

The ass room