Reviews for "Balthor's Tales From Hell"


yeah that was nice flash enjoyed watching it lol

Haha oh man...

Lmao I saw this seven or eight years ago and man it NEVER gets old.

This is not an attempt to kiss ass, but...

...I've been a fan of your work for eight years and this is perhaps one of your best videos. (I'm still trying to decide if this might be better than your 'news' video.) Keep doing what you're doing, man.

the ASS Room

The ASS ROOM is the funny and the what you talking about Willes


This is your most popular submission on this website and it is fairly easy to understand why! I thought this was really cool and it had a lot of good jokes in it. I was not expecting for it to turn into a story as it seemed more along the lines of a short gag thing. The animation was pretty good in this one, considering the year it was made. It was kind of strange how I was expecting him to get what he wanted but he apparently got something worse. At least it ended with a pillow thrown by naked co-eds.