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After working in 3d for too long, this is my first flash movie that makes any kind of sense. It took about 4 to 5 days all together, though the actual animation was fairly straightforward once I'd plotted it out. I'm planning on making a series of these, hopefully with dialogue. Hope someone out there enjoys my rather brief cartoon.


Might be the beginning of something good

You have good style. A thing you should work on though is plot timing. This way it looked a bit like slow-paced randomness. I do want to see more of your work though so don't quit. Just remember that you're not in a hurry to submit a flash so take your time with a longer flash. It seems that you have the skill.


Haha this was cute and funny, i really like your character not too simple but not some complex either, the animation was short and really seems like it could do well with a series or something like the guys adventures as a sherrif, anyways nice animation keep it up...

Make it longer or add it to a number of short flash toons...

Funny short flash with a good plot and cute character...


Not too bad

It was a simple animation, sure, but it had good, fluid and crisp graphics, and the storyline was fair. There wasn't much sound-wise, but for what it was worth it looked good. And I want to know what happens next, so continue on and I look forward to seeing your next episode.

I kinda liked it.

This flash does have potential. I liked the cute animations you put in there, the backgrounds fit it perfectly. Although there wasnt a lot of backgrounds it still looked good with those characters. The gun shot sounded pretty realistic and the aliens were creative in some sort of way. This flash does have potential only if you make the next one a lot longer and you could you music and better quality. Other then that you did a pretty good job making this flash.

It isn't that good.

But, it doesn't deserve to be blammed.

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3.46 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2005
12:34 PM EST