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shoddy AS tut 2

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Author Comments

pyro 111 for the movement code.

This is the second shoddy AS tut from us. We have added different codes and well, abit about whistle levels on newgrounds.

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this is awsome


((( NOTBAD )))

This was notbad, kinda good actually, i think my only issue with this would have to be the "FILE" very large tutorials can be done decently without such a huge size, but anyays notbad...

Maybe just the filesize...

A decent tutorial covers alot of ground, nice work people...


A good tutorial

I think you explained everything very clearly, and included animations as well, that was very well done. As well as this, you managed to keep me reading, mainly because it was well organised and entertaining at the same time. I think you should've put some sort of sound on if possible, but other than that, nicely done. Keep up the good work.

flashfreakz responds:

thanks, but the sound was the A button.

Learn AS yourself first

That really was shoddy, are you sure you even know what AS you are coding in? The scripts were copy and pasted from other tutorials and therefore they sucked, also the presentation was terrible too. In the variables section, you didn't even consider PROPER variables. For example:

var myName:String = "Liam";
var myAge:Number = 15;

My dog could make a better tutorial.

flashfreakz responds:

Well bravo to your dog.

help full only if

it would be helpfull if i would see what u are writing