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James Bond Control

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Author Comments

This one was filmed at me, Chris', house. It is a continuation from the last part of the Depot Mission. Well we hope you can enjoy this first part of the "Control Mission."


The lighting!

It sucks soooooo much.Carry a flashlight dude!

My second favorite clip. :D

More excellent work, buddy. Sorry for being the bearer of so many questions, but I've another. How is it you get your actors to fall at the same time you shoot your gun? Is there a stunt coordinator somewhere giving them hand signals? I'd like to know, man. Thanks in advance.

Now onto the movie. The quality on some of the movies, mostly the indoor ones, are somewhat grainy. I loved the way some of the guards were executed, such as the guy who was shot before falling on the bed. The variety of weapons! Wow, that's unbelievable. MP5, PP7, M16, FAMAS, and so much more. It's crazy! But another add to the already sweet cake.

But most of all, the timing. The timing is absolutely wonderful. The second you shoot your weapon, the victim falls. That's excellent. But questionable, as stated above.

Overall, it was yet another great clip of the James Bond: Goldeneye First Person Shooting series. The only things I could suggest you improve on is your camera quality (I heard you got a new one that betters it), and file size (which the new camera I hear also improves).

Good luck, buddy.


Chris-Aldin responds:

The timing.. well i don't quite know how we get it so accuurate most of the times. I guess we just really pay attention to when we see Matty_X(the camera guy) shoot his weapons, then die accordingly:P
Thanks a lot for all the reviews.

Another good one

Your basement rocks D: Was that tangled mass of wires a Sega Genesis? I couldn't tell. Anyway, nice, you guys are getting better, I liked the blood stain on that one kid's back when James shot him through the door (that WAS a bloodstain, right?)

Chris-Aldin responds:

lol, thanks. I like my basement too. The wires were probably from my Gamecube that i keep down there. Oh, lol it wasnt a blood stain, most likely a shadow!


I just wanna know... who has the role of James Bond himself??

Chris-Aldin responds:

That would be Matty_X, he plays James Bond and he will be probably until the series is done. Thanks for the vote.

This is damn good

Well this caught me completely off guard, and I loved every second of it. I thought it was faithful to the Bond games, and your Bond character managed to make a steady control of the camera in keeping with the movement, which I personally thought was magnificent. The shooting was timed brilliantly, and the deaths themselves, looked cool and not over-the-top. I could only suggest you get the crimson tinge on the border of the screen somehow, let him take a bullet at least once, that would make it very skillful indeed. But all in all, the camera work was great, the style was great, the music and sound effects were excellent, and the sheer simplicity of it is superb. A very fine effort, you should be proud of yourselves. Well done, and keep up the good work.

Chris-Aldin responds:

Thanks a lot man. Matt was responsible for the camera work, he was JB in the first one and wed figure wed keep it that way. Thanks a lot foer the review.

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Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2005
7:37 PM EST
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