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If you don't wanna listen to the music, it's best you just mute your computer, because it restarts every time you return to the main menu. But if you're listening to something of your own, then you should listen to it on your cd/ipod/mp3 player, or just have to suit with turning the music off every time you go back to the main menu.

Remember, this tutorial is for beginners! Only view it if you have little to no experience with flash.

People. if you want it to be better, you have to explain why you didn't like it. and if you did like it. Vote! 'cause so many people have watched it, but only a few have voted.

2" Now there is a stop music button (hurray!) Also it shows the final product of the walking tutorial.

My tutorial now includes walking, it shows how to do it the right way too. thanks for some of the moderately good reviews.

My second flash, very good for new people. It's the best tutorial except the exception of the "Big Fat Tutorial". Leave constructive critisism, and tell me what else I could teach. By the way, the "easy game" isnt what you might expect, it just tells you what you could do for a... easy game.
Ok, this is a tutorial for complete beginners, I will update it soon. Don't vote low purely because you already know about this stuff.


F***in' A!!!

the background helped me out alot!!!
thanx and the guy be4 me is right it is a coll little tut!!

Hi-dud responds:

Yeah, the background is probably the best part of the tutorial.
I'm glad alot of people like this tutorial, when it's going through judgement, people are alot more harsh.

I hope I helped you, and i hope you go on to make some great flash.

Great Tutorial

Here's the review you needed to get rid of the other one.
Although the other guy's kinda right about the walking its still good and very useful, keep on going!

Hi-dud responds:

Very enthusiastic response :).
Yeah, thanks alot. I hope that you make some flash and give me credit for helping you out :).
Ha, yeah, My new computer doesn't have flash though, and I don't have the old disk anymore, so future flash is just a dream so far, but I will hopefully make something good in the future.
The key is art, sound, and entertainment.
I probably went in the wrong order actually, entertainment should be first priority.
Anyways, yeah, thanks for the review.


no offence, but the walking was terrible and in a way offensive (If i walked like that I wouldn't go out in public)

Hi-dud responds:

Haha, yeah, you're kinda right.
I did make this along time ago, though only submitted it... Id unno, a year ago or something, I don't really remember.
Anyways, yeah, looking back at it, it would help you out if you didn't know what you were doing, you've gotta admit, I covered ALL of the essentials.
But yeah. Also, the music constantly restarting really pissed me off.
Yeah, thanks for the review.

Adequate, but pointless

There is nothing new in this tutorial. Everything you explain how to do has been done in other, better, tutorials.

And why do people always put lame techno in tutorials? Tutorials don't really require music.

Hi-dud responds:

Well, thanks for the music tip. I do have a tutorial (the same one), which music button is broken, I probably could submit that one. So is the "2" just for like, "It was not new, n stuff"? Or was it, "It sucked"? People should say that in their reviews from now on. Well, thanks for the review.

it was ok.

I bet you could have done better. When you click easy game, the last page says "program the button to go to that frame when you click it, you could have wrote something like this.gotoandplay(2); or something but you didnt.

Hi-dud responds:

that was so you knew not to use "2". I suppose I'll thank you for a 4, but I don't get why some people don't like this, would anyone please tell me why? I mean, lie theres this stupid stick walking tutorial somewhere, and everyones like "OMFG! THIS IS DA BEST!!1!" Why??? I meen, this actually tells you how to animate walking the correct way, I suppose there must be something about the bad reviews I get, it makes everyone think that its bad, and there like "that wasn't half bad!" But then they wanna go with whats popular, and they vote 3 or 2. I meen, your tutorials are like "how to draw eyes", not everyone loves it, but thats like the easiest thing ever! I meen, not everyone knows how to do the things that I am tyring to teach, this is for nice lil' newbs, something that works well and doesnt get your hopes too high. I meen, I can't tell you all the countless times when I was a newb to flash, when I'd look at a tutorial and it would be like "this is how it should look". And it turned out to be nothing like it what so ever! I was like WTF? This didn't work at all! I don't think people understand that this is an interactive tutorial, it is not meant to be looked at and admired "Ooh, look at that stuff that we'll never be able to do! Vote 5 d00d!" People are wierd.

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Nov 21, 2005
5:19 PM EST
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