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Vertigo Sunrise IV

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This is a fun little game that I made over the last few days, it reminds me of that old arcade "Crazy Climber" game which had these weird/similar controls :)

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Controls were alright good graphics

I didn't really care for this, because I thought it was too freaking difficult. The thing that annoyed me the most was how you had to do certain things to just move around. In the end, it just didn't seem worth it. I do appreciate the graphics. Another thing I like is how awesome the title is! That is seriously one of the best titles I've ever seen in a game!

It's admittedly interesting to see how you can advance in this. It just doesn't work out well for me. You should make a simpler version of this. At least you managed to have fun with it. I should be used to harder games by now.

very hard very very hard game

the controls are to complext

fun but...

the controls were counter intuitive and too slow

lvl 4 was my goal

Only took 30 or 40 tries.

I want at the woman with the pot. Smiles after she drops it... I wanna cut her. And over all they seem more concerned with dropping shit on you than saving them selves from the rising water. Just can't tolerate those peeping toms I guess? Can't imagine reaching level six let alone... eight... or however high this thing gets.