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I fixed the blurryness of the movie by a bit now it is more clear

if you liked the movie please recomend it to clay collections.

This movie was created in my dreams and fantasy's so it is a very random fast paced film. Big thanks to Chronamut who this film would not of been possible if I did not hear his amazing song. Also thanks too Denvish for helping with adding bits and pieces to the film.



Great music with this one, it was very fast-paced like you said but that was cool, kinda worked well with the music, and i must say some neat effects here and there, i was impressed from start to finish, nice job indeed...

I would suggest more stuff like this...

A great idea for a flash, and very cool music that flowd easy with the animation nice job...


PiePie responds:

Thanks for the review I'm glad people are still watching this one since it is my favorite piece I made. As for the effects I'm glad you liked it although the flash effects I was disappointed on since well it was all plain and the video was to small but if you see my latest stuff it is a lot better.

Anyways I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Nice music...

It was a great movie and all but the MUSIC...i've heard it from somewhere...AHA! It was from the Audio Portal guy called Chronamut! He has awesome music! Check him out next time you're there!

PiePie responds:

Yeah his song gave me the idea for this movie he even gave me the title of the movie yes Shawn is a generous man.

glad you enjoyed it

I like those blobs

Simplistic, but good is how I describe your claymations. The music in this was realy good/fitting.

I just want to ask you, what do you do. MAke it with WIndows movie maker, put in Zweinstein, than import to flash? What do you do I really want to know... ANd how do you make the filesize smaller?

PiePie responds:

Hey thanks for review would of responded sooner but I thought people would stop reviewing :)

Anyways I use logitech image studio then i import it to moviemaker to get filesize downt then i bring it over to flash. I do not use zwienstien because I find a moviemaker a superior program. I get my filesize down by moviemaker.

Thanks for review

Very nice

This is a very nice movie, this is actually one of the first movies in this style which I see, but it is still a good movie. Although this movie wasn't funny or with good graphics or violent or something like that, it was still, strangely, fun to watch. The clay charecters were pretty simple and yet they ,atched the movie perfectly. The style was pretty good, I like it a lot. The sound was obviously the greatest part in the movie, it matched the movie perfectly and it was also very fun to listen to. I didn't quite get the script or what is going on in this movie, but it didn't bother me to enjoy from this movie. It is a very nice claymation, well done.

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PiePie responds:

This movie was based on the song that my friend Chronamut made. the movie is to show that even if your a little blue blob if you try hard enough you will get to your goal...

Anyways thanks for the review!

Oh man that was weird

I think this was my favourite so far, I don't know why but I just had the urge to keep watching.

The vineyard part was very unique I don't think i've seen anything like that before, although I rarely watch claymations that part just "wowed" me.

The view from the paper airplane was really creative and interesting, that part especially went well with the music it reminded me of some old video game from the 90's for some reason but I just found that part cool.

The whole adventure of the blue ball was interesting as it travels across the world (~room~), running from vines, snakes and a big white glove.

Or atleast that's what I thought it was about. Anyway great job on your claymations and I hope you continue to make more, best of luck. 4/5

PiePie responds:

This was my favorite too, Im really glad you liked it.

Yes I will be making more as soon as I get some spare time.

Thanks again!

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3.43 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2005
3:20 PM EST
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