Endless Dream: Episode 3

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This is my 5th submission of the series. The story will slowly unfold as you continue watching the series. Enjoy!!

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Alright, your skills are obviously increasing with practice as the movies go on, however it looked like the story kind of stagnated here, as the entire episode was the kid saying exactly what was going to happen. That's no good, as far as plot goes, but the art has improved, and the core idea has remained. However, with still no sound for dialogue or FX, it still falls short of what it could be.

Welcome to your only GOOD reveiw my freind :/

Frankly I'v seen moives like this and everyone who saw them loved them, so this tells me that people on newgrounds are Hypocritcal idiots or just people with a mind that only goes as deep as a Mentally retarded persons thoughts do. And also im glad that even with crap being thrown your direction every time you turn around that you kept working on the series. Good job.

This One was Worse than the LAST One!

This was my impression of this flash:

Hey buddy! Look at me! I'm your conscience, which looks nothing like you and is wearing goofy headphones even though this is only a dream, and when you wake up from this area you will not only completely forget this conversation (WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS THEN?!) but you will also be walking through an endless... field... of grass. Then you'll totally trip out, see some white ball floating through the air, and then the white ball will turn into a stupid looking rabbit that, for one reason or another, has a stupid pink ball dangling from its forehead like some kind of stupid hood ornament. Then the stupid-looking rabbit will point its finger at the sky and shoot a pink beam out of it (WTF?!?), which will then turn the sky pink, which, for some strange, strange reason, will open up a portal for you to exit the dream with. But if you exit the dream at the wrong time (How the frick are you supposed to know when the right time IS, anyway?) you will end up in THANATOS' NIGHTMARE... haha... his name is freakin' Thanatos... haha. And the only way out of that place is through his goofy looking ship, which for some reason he actually has. And one more thing, even though I just told you that you're dead, you still have a functioning mind, which is how you created this dream... yeah pretty freaking weird. I guess you're just abnormal. I mean, you DID imagine all of this stupid subject matter, and you dream of stupid looking rabbits that shoot pink beams from their fingertips. I guess it SHOULD be understandable if you have a working mind AFTER you died in a freakin' car accident. And not only that, but your mind convinced itself, even though it was DEAD, that it WASN'T dead, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

My advice to you, man: THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE!! And by the way, the music in all of your movies has sucked... really sucked.


Dude man can you make the text slow down or what I think you should redo that one so that the text is .... a .... bit ..... slow...er maybe :) well if you could ever do this one agian make it a bit slower orr give the option that you can make it go on like a return button you know a play on button, ok well that's it but besides that I tihnk the idea is well pretty cool vary close to what could be. HB out!


:-O You have REALLY improved since the first episode (which inspired me to undust my old folder and take out flash again). Keep up the work, it is truly great. (Work on the story a bit; its a bit choppy; My advice: do not have characters explain everything, allow Nick to figure some out himself).

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Nov 20, 2005
4:23 AM EST
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