Noodles The Ninja Dog - 1

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Dave is living his usual boring life untill he sees a rather unusal commercial on tv, little does he know that it'll change his life forever.

I already made a Noodles flash before, but that was a random quick flash for a friend's birthday. Now Noodles returns! This is the first episode from what I hope to become a new and descent series, as for now it's mainly building up the story. Enjoy!

EDIT: Greatly thanks for the frontpage

EDIT2: Noodles episode 2 will be in an all new improved style! Deadline should be arround half to end april

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Good animation love the concept of the ninja dog


A Ninja Dog as a pet...that'll be everyone's dream pet though...great animations :)


i love ramen noodles and i love animals espeicely dogs

plez mak mor noodles!!!!!

I want a bunny of death!!!

Anyways, brilliant animation


But still stinking awesome!I give it a 10