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Fat, Dumb n' Happy

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My first Flash!

Guys and gals, I hope you like it. This took me about a month to put together and I used tutorials and everything. It's about a turkey and Thanksgiving. Hilarity ensues.

It's done in 10fps and almost every sound effect was created by myself. I went through a ton online too... that took two days. hehe.

Also, THANK you audio portal for the cool music! Now I don't have to copyright infringe...

For a little background, I was sleeping and thought this up when I woke up. I wrote it all down at that point (about 5AM or 6AM). I had just gotten Flash MX Pro the day before too and I figured what better way to learn?

So, I started looking at tutorials and did a very small practice Flash (8 frames) and figured out how to do that much.

Well, weeks went by and last week I totally overhauled the credits one day because it was ready for release.

Ask me what I did. Go ahead, ask... I erased the ENTIRE turkey layer... I was MAD. It took a few days to get back into it, but I finally did and this is what you get. I even improved the turkey's mouth. You'll notice the 'O' mouth when he's not a ghost, but no 'O' mouth when he is one. That's because the ghost was a tween that survived. =)

Hey, I even crunched all the sound down unlike MOST newbs. ;)


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if u dont mind me asking

who are your biggest inspirations? was this the first thing u did in flash or your first full flash movie? what is your style based off of? do you get sick after looking at one of your animations because you saw it so many time while makeing it?

RSQViper responds:

This was my first piece I made in Flash. The only thing I made before was an 8 frame animation just to understand frames.

My inspiration to make Flash was from watching Blockhead (the first one). I didn't base my style off of anything, I just drew. While making an animation you do tend to get a little tired of it, especially if it is synced to music. Your most favorite song can quickly become a song you hate.

Decided to take a look at the first

If I ever make a flash, I will assure you it will be crap, mind my language. If this was your first, then... hell your good. Poor turkey =/

RSQViper responds:

Yup, it was my first Flash and the turkey paid the ultimate price.

I have reviewed alot of your stuff yet....

That was cool. Funny stuff, man. Poor dead turkey. 5/5. Good job.

RSQViper responds:

Glad you checked out my first work. It was a labor of love that almost never saw NG because of losing 1/2 of it near the end.

Thanks for the review!


Nice job! Rely love it, like the menu screen at the start, like the music, you did good! thanx for makeing it!

RSQViper responds:

Hey, thanks a lot. I'm glad people are enjoying this even a year after it was introduced to NG.

Happy Thanksgiving!