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This is my first ever flash movie, made in Flash 5. I hope it is funny because it is a comedy. This is episode 001: beginners guide to little dev, a short intro to little devs world by the help of Ken Dough.
(Waring some of the scene contain lag (thanks to my PC) therefore the sound and animation is out of time)



Haha i liked this because you really used the color well and made some funny characters on top of that, aswell as some decent "VOICES" for them, overall a funny and colorful flash, keep up the good work...

I would suggest more episodes just like this its funny stuff...

A colorful flash funny characters and great use of color, nice job peoples...


What is that?

Not good man, but cheer up, its ur 1st one. Next time, u shall make a story line. This is senseless.

Not Bad Except for the sound

You got a decent idea for a movie going you just need to dub the sound to the movie better it was pretty fucked up. but keep at it you might get to be decent someday

Well it's nothing new...or interesting

but i see deifnite talent, you have a great potential seeing as how you're movie's graphics were really good, just get someone else to maybe write your stories and scripts for you because i really didn't get into the story, btw i heard you say pounds but what i heard from that's the house cost, are you british or something?

Radical-Halfman responds:

Yes, I am british. The humour, its my humour so it wont be to anyone taste. It was a experimental project to get me used to flash. I am working on episode 2 at the moment (for 3 weeks so far), and that is aminly answered for all the comments on the sync and graphics. But thanks for the art graphics, that ws really my main focus point.


No comment...

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2.17 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2005
2:27 PM EST
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