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this is an animation for a piece by spoken word artist Peter Nevland. it tells the story of his encounter with an elderly man which made him see the world a little bit differently.



This was very nice, a pleasent animation with some decent artwork and good view shots from the users point of view, i was impressed with it from start to finish, i would love to see more like it sometime, anyways nice animation keep up the good work...

Not much i liked it...

A decent animation and some nice flowing artwork...


good one

very nice animation. great drawings in this one. i didn't care too much for the audio in this one, but it suited it quite well. overall, it was a pretty good animation. i liked this one.


one of my favorites. brilliant.


As I sat here pouring through the many myriads of entries that had "George" in them using the NG search feature - cursing loudly because I'd forgotten to mark it a favorite - I thought it time I should say something.

I've sat through the movie 4 or 5 times now, and once today. I've spread the word via IM. This is worth my vote of 5, and my rating of 10 overall. You tell this story wonderfully - and it is an excellent way to remember him and a reminder that all lives are passing, and that each of them can add so much to you - even change you a little - given the chance.

Here's my hopes to see this hit front page! Good luck, and thanks for a wonderful flash.

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I can't believe i watched it 6 times in a row

that was some pretty amazing stuff you have there "Petah". I am really touched, i went through the whole thing 6 times, at first i didn't know what was going on (poetry isn't my strong point) until i got to your afterword. Sad stuff, but very touching. I felt like crying...heck i guess i did cry a little, so sad

Not the first to say it and definitely not the last

...Great Work

thatbaldguy responds:

6 times... that's cool

thanks for watching (6 times)

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3.65 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2005
11:48 PM EST
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