Shotgun Orc

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(might take a while before the "loading" screen appears but don't worry, it's loading)

Update: Yikes, people really hate those bowling balls! They are there to add to the challenge but seems most people just found them irritating! I guess I've learnt a lesson!

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I thought this game was pretty good. I think its biggest fault was that it was too hard for me. Yeah, I don't want to sound whiney, that's just how I feel about it. The artwork was good, if a little distorted. It was at least unique in that sense. You had to know how to time the shotgun blasts. There were always obstacles like the cannon balls on the ground.

I just associate orcs with LOTR. Did they originally start there? I think now they're just mythical creatures anyone can use. I thought it was funny how killing the horse didn't kill the driver. They had pretty big heads too.

u need to think bfor make

1. if you die, let the gun's bullets refill
2. make it smaller, i cant see anybody from far so i cant prepare
3. thers more, look for it MAN!

Ps. Ill be nice, a 6


too hard for me because i didn't read the instructions ;/


Funny ass hell