Rockin' English

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Yeh, another English Project. Our class had to make videos to teach kids about grammars. Me and partners chose to make cartoons(all by myself) on parentheses. Steve Snellenberger music man. Missy research gal. yes, bad english. on purpose. School house ROCK. yep remember?


Huh. Ask pretty please?

Pretty (f*cking) please. (rofl) You are a great (shitty) teacher! Yaaaaaa(boo)aaay! xD I learned about the ever-deadly {[( parenth-disease! )]}
Anyway, ratings-
7/10 because...school project... and 5/5 because when I rate something I round it up to 5 or down to 0. You win or lose.

nice job kid

i love 3rd grade english assignments

((( FUNNY )))

This was funny, the main character and all the pointings at him and such is funny haha, as for the "AUDIO" it works so well with the animation very funny indeed, then it gets abit random aswell which is also good, anyways nice job...


Needs Instruments

If It's Called "Rockin' English" where's the Rock & Roll instruments
All I'm hearing is laughfully awful acappella

Sorry for the Insult!

Funny song

The sound was a little scratchy but the fact I actually learned something prompts me to watch all your other stuff. Thanks for the flash!

Dapenchwr2001 responds:

I love you, lets get married

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Nov 16, 2005
9:32 PM EST
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