The Swell Collab 05

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Welcome to the flash 8 requiring, action packed Swell Collab FIEV!

***do not watch if epileptic :(***
(apparently, some of you don't now that means you can get SEIZURES)


Secondly, this is a collab, that all 4 artists poured our hearts and souls into. Most collabs are 550x400 at 24 FPS. We laugh at that! this collab is 600x100 with 54 fps of ACTION PACKED FUN!

Please, sit back, and enjoy the feature presentation :D



Lets give this a go

Roflmuffin - I liked that first suttle short from roflmuffin 8/10

Breadfruit - Wow had a good swing going there, where was that music from btw? 9/10

Psychojester - Was there some secret message in there to get me to go the mcdonalds? 8/10

Jellyrools - Eww self love, i loved that asian song used 9/10

Jetninjin - Wow nice way to end it with everyone dancing the days away 8/10

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

OMG awesome

This collab series has to be the best I've ever seen, where is it's collection page? It sure as hell deserves one. Anyways awesome collab, I liked Roflmuffin's and Breadfruit's best, always nice to see some breadfruits come flying out of toasters and a Blue Hippo packing boxes.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

Muffin responds:

lmao get tom to start a collection page :P

Another swell collab!

Yes, it's another swell collab! Roflmuffin's flash, the toaster popping out breadfruits and "gay" appears at times on that flash, heh. BreadFruit, BreadFruit working with BlueHippo. PsychoJester, damn, so many Ronalds. :( But the music fitted extremely well with the flash! Jellyrools, Wade kissing Wade. Very weird... Jetninjin, heh, quite funny music with the dancing characters. Nice work to all who took part in this flash.


Muffin responds:

we work hard to please your penis.

I have that song :'(

RoflMuffin - Wow, what the fuck song is that :\. I swear some techno songs really just need to NEVER have words, and this is one of the situations when. I liked the toaster. :)
Breadfruit - He always uses your Blue Hippo character, why do you let him meng, WHY, he's a STEALER, and a LIAR, and a CHEATER, there was a checkmark in this flash.
PsychoJester - Using a techno remix to the fight with Darth Maul, how very strange, and the use of Ronald McDonald, OH YOU CLOWN YOU
JellyRolls - So it's an anime love song, and Wade's gonna totally make out with himself. WHY IS THERE AN OMG AT THE TOP, WHY.
Jetninjin - It like, has all the characters that are in your whole GROUP, god you guys are so cool :'(.

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Muffin responds:

ew i hate bluehippos.


How swell was that.

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1.60 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2005
7:44 PM EST