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RCC Tales 3

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Special thanks to Dusk for the voice act.

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I especially like Comrade Clock's reaction to the new castle. :D :D

to XwaynecoltX

you jackass. those aren't weapons. they are the hammer and sickle commonly assosiated with russian communism. they were meant to represent the common people because(supposedly) communism is for the people. that, of course isn't taking into account the people's wishes, freedom, hunger, housing, freedom, general well-being, freedom, oh and I forgot....freedom. communism isn't actually an idea of karl marx, though he IS considered, incorrectly, the father of communism. communism is actually a corruption and general misunderstanding of his writing. not that i agree with his writing either.

((( NEAT )))

This was cool, i like the scenes with the silver weapon like symbols coming to gether then the other clock closes his eyes or something, really looked good, as for the rest it was ok the fast text towards the end was ok but very fast subtitles, anyways nice job...



Nice movie HC, looking forward to the next installment of RCC tales.


I love this one... awesome man... cool castle.... and people ^^ join