Balloon Buster

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If you like to pummel people with waterballoons, this is the game for you. Each resident in the building is a version of me in some kind of wacky disguise. Some of the disguises are famous people or characters, and some are just general character types. If you're wondering who any one in particular is supposed to be, just ask.

The easier levels give you more available balloons, less horizontal rolling, and slower rate of descent.

*all representations of trademarked characters are intended as parody.

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This was the best game PlasmicSteve had uploaded to Newgrounds. The graphics are solid for a 2005 game and gameplay is the most innovative out of the three games he had produced.

In this game you shoot water balloons at tenants in a building who are looking out of their windows. Pieces of Key Lime pie float through the air and you can shoot them for extra points. The game is goofy and overall an average flash gaming experience.

It was interesting to see 11 years after its production, though I can't say it's something most people should go back and check out.

Fun game.

Nice job on the art, your use of green is really nice. The controls were great too, which made the game more addicting than it really is. Music went nice with the theme. You definitely have talent. Keep up the great work =]

((( FUN GAME )))

Fun game you have here, the "CONTROLS" were nice and smooth, and the shooting was good, the color tone could have had a mixture and more color but it was still cool, a fun and addictive game, so nice work, keep it up...


not bad

it was a neat little game. a bit easy and repetitive, but it was fun to play and it had a good concept to it and your efforts in this one were good too.

PlasmicSteve responds:

Thanks for checking it out and reviewing it. You made me a happy man.


mabey there can be a score to beet at each level and mabey other water balloons and a story. mabey?

PlasmicSteve responds:

A story? There isn't meant to be much of one, but you can read the instructions. Or - make up your own.

There's only one level, so the score to beat in the beginning is: 0. Then, you get a high score - you can try to beat that.

"Maybe" - M-A-Y-B-E.

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2005
6:08 AM EST
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