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The MilkShake Incident 05

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Author Comments

In this epic story of Marty, he has a dilemma. Should Marty go with John to get a milkshake even though John is late? Find out in this exciting episode of The Milkshake Incident of 2005!!!

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Oh dear...

ok...so the graphics were poor, the dude with the white shirt was annoying as hell, and the humor was lost within a few seconds. The story however, although bland and boring, could have been jazzed up a bit, and you COULD have had quite a good flash there...but u didnt..so try harder.

Squeak589 responds:

Liq my peenass.

Parts dragged on imo.

Parts dragged on imo.

You know what...

I dislike you. Greatly.

Man... where is this kid?

I SAVED IT! Congratulations, yours is the first movie i personally saved! Ooo i feel special now...


The guy before me had a point when it comes to repetition... instead of using the same sound sample for "Man where is this kid?" switch it up a bit... i could see him saying, once, "Man............... where is this kid" and then the other guys like "SHUT UP!" And it would be funnier if he did kick him in the balls, or at least attempt to.

The whole thing was a little slow really... don't forget that when you're trying to make a funny movie, keeping the audiences attention is the important part. Think of a Mel Brooks film; it has funny shit every single second. Mel knows the audience isn't going to get it all, but if he has them laughing again before they stop completely from the last time, then he's done his job (and so he has)

This seems like it's based on a true story (maybe you wrote it in your description, i wouldn't know - i never read those the whole way through) but that doesn't mean you can't embellish a bit ("It's the principal of the thing..." haha) to get a few more laughs out of us.

Oh, and graphically it was pretty good, except i think you should bother with some shading and really work on those eyes... they're creepy looking.

In the end, i gave this movie a 4 because of the song at the end. Anyone who writes a song with LYRICS for a flash rocks in my book - i'd like to see other flashes from you all in the future!


man where is this kid.....

dude that got so fucking old fast. it was ok but then it just gets on your nerves. try changing it up and not repeating everything over and over. the bits with making fun of time was cute but hearing the smae phrase over and over just took away from everything.

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2005
3:40 PM EST