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PICONJO: Prologue

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Author Comments

This took 10 yearz 2 maek in memory of mai father Piconjo of all teh grate things he did in hiz lief tiem. You will not be missed RIP Father.

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Piconjo <3z j00

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A Beautiful Story, The Philosophy of Piconjo is truly shown here.

Look at all these butthurt people down here...

The only good part is he died

I like how you made fun of some of the animators better than Piconjo you forgot a few all the rest on newgrounds. He makes no good falsh and neither does his followers (who I bet are also him). He is the kind of person that probly sits at his computer all day because he has no friends and does no good for anyone. What a life.

P..s. I only wish his death was more painful (sigh)


You're back to your old ways! Piconjo, I <3 you too. Hey, AvalonX, were you trying to be insulting? Hell squared? WTF? Any toadie who thinks Piconjo sucks is in denial. No one can resist teh p3n0r power of Piconjo. LF is a talentless goddamn thief. Everyone knows this, but the majority refuses to say it. SAY IT! LF SUCKS! IT'S TRUE!!!

piconjo sucks

Do us a favour and stop dong this piconjo shit. It´s overrated and getting old.