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Chose from seven different stories while you fill in the blanks with words of your choice in this Mad Libs game. Highlight the part of speech in parenthesis, and write an appropriate word in its place. When you have replaced all of them, press the Look button, and get ready for some hilarity. For best results, use as diverse a word selection as possible. There is a part of speech review in-game for those of you who need it. Have Fun!

- Naois


wow funny funny

I luv these kinda games they crack every1 up.
Can u make it longer with more (Ive dun em all allready :P )
really really good 10/10!

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I almost died laughing!!!OMFG

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Naois responds:

I can't think of anyway to respond to that other than a ;-P face. So that's what I'll do.



I like mad libs. I put the most out of ordinary things all the time.
For instance... on the police call it said: He is also accused of stealing a 1955 constipation and an invisible toilet.
Constipation and toilet were 2 of the words I used. Thanks for bringing me a mad lib thing that I can use as long I want and never have to pay for it.


Because of this I am going to put you on my favorite author list thing.

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Naois responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it.

It was fun and funny

I liked it alot, but people without a sense of humor defenetly won't.

Naois responds:

Since you gave it a 9 for humor, I'm guessing you aren't on of those people. Thanks for the review.


Thanks a lot for using my music. I was hoping for somebody to use Pizzicato Boredom eventually. It has never failed to make me happy and excited to see a my stuff implemented in any kind of flash work. The flash itself is pretty good. It's hard to go wrong with madlibs. Unless you momentarily forget what an adverb is and think your form is going to be erased if you go to check. That's poo. Good work, anyway. Keep it up.

Naois responds:

When I first heard the music, I thoought "I have to use it." Thank you for posting it.

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2005
7:44 PM EST
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