The Vegetables: Pick Up

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A comic strip called "The Vegetables" I created some years ago.... now brought to life through the magic of flash. Original Design and Original Music by Fuzzy Muffins... With positive feedback, there's plenty more on the way! This is a first time crack at animation


i cant understand them

I dont know what they are saying, get a better micraphone

craftwerks responds:

audio has been fixed. sorry bout that.


The concept is a character trying to pick up on a hot tamale of the opposite sex, using his best pick-up line hoping that everything will work out in his favor. I love short movies that pack a big punch in the end. The set-up is probably the most important thing, that and the outcome for the joke and it's punchline for a close second. The artwork really could use some help. While the characters were satisfactory, their overall design could use some touching up - mabe a little fine tuning to make the difference. I liked the audio for a little while, the echoing was so that the inner monolouge for the character would appear different than the regular one. For some odd reason, it was a little on silent side, maybe the microphone or recording service was faulty. Not a bad start, will you be making a series?


pretty good

I dont know I just didnt love it. I couldnt really tell what he was thinking because the music was so loud. though it was pretty funny. Not great. I liked it though pretty good


hey wanna get some pizza and fuck?

whats wrong you dont like pizza


it was ok I relly couldent tell what was going on but it was good tough.

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2.45 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2005
4:09 PM EST
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