Virtua Worm

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Thanks to PhrozenFlame for the highscores table. And thanks to all you guys for playing!

Heavy 3D inside, so if your computer is below 1.5GHz you might experience some lagging.

Difficulty=MEDIUM to HARD. Play as a virtua worm, eat crystals, avoid bombs. Form specials to get higher scores. Bes sure to READ THE TUTORIAL "How to Play" before playing.
Don't just vote 0, 1, 2 or 3 before even playing. That won't be fair, right? Load the file, play and then vote.
If you don't like this game, it still has graphics, music (that I composed, so it's all original), interactivity, so don't rate 0 0 0 0 0, OK? Thanks!

--FBQ [Frequently Bombarded Questions]--
Q: The Game's to slow. Why?
A: It's mainly either because:
o your computer's speed is slow (under 1.5GHz) or
o you have less than 256MB Ram or
o you are running too many applications, eating up resources
o browser problem (some browsers may run flash more slowly)

Q: It's too fast!
A: Your computer is a good one. You need to be skillful. Play a few times and you'll get used to it.

Q: How do I play?
A: Read "How to Play" section.

Q: My God. I can't get past level 1.
A: Level 1 is easy but if you're not careful... BOOM. At level 1, make sure you avoid all bombs. Not many bombs in level 1.

Q: I don't understand the Specials.
A: READ THE HELP. If you still don't understand, it's OK, just don't use them. The game is still playable without specials. Just that you won't get high scores. You may also get specials unexpectedly.

Q: Tell me some specials.
A: It's in the help.

Q: I don't have a good mouse. Can't play...
A: Well, that's not my fault, right?

Q: There's a bug. I got a letter that said "un".
A: I'm aware of that and it seems to not want to be fixed. But it's still OK cause you can use "un" to make specials too.

Q: Some bombs are blocking my crystals, some crystals don't want to appear, the letters I want don't appear and I cannot make a special...
A: It doesn't go the way you want? That's bad luck, something I get all the time. : ) Clear your mine, play a few rounds, have fun! The bombs are supposed to block some crystals to make the game harder.

Q: Why is it so simple?
A: No it is not. You must have ignored the specials and the tutorial.

Q: Why do I die so easily?
A: You must have run into a lot of bombs. You have to be alert at all times!

Q: I touched a crystal but it didn't give me points...
A: You were too slow...

Q: I touched a small white crystal but it exploded!!
A: It's a morphing crystal that will morph into a bomb if you are too slow to get it.
---END FBQ---

==Tips to get High scores==
-Try to avoid bombs at all costs. Be ALERT!
-Don't try to get diamonds that are close or hidden by bombs. You would mostly end up hitting the bomb.
-Don't stay in the center. Focus more to the side and center in when the items come.
-Try to get those specials!
-If you can't find any good alphabets or don't understand specials, just grab any green orb you can see. Chances are you can get 1 or 2 specials our of the blue and that's already good!

==Final note==
Thanks to PhrozenFlame for the highscores table.
Thanks to ArmorGames for the support.
Thanks to YOU for PLAYING!!!

~ Joshiwara

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coooooooool game man i like what u did with the grafix and the music...they ROCK!!!man ure one hell of a game-maker nice one 5/5

a lot of time

the game is damn good but the problem is that you stay a lot of time reading the instructions XD.but really its great


this game is so addicting, expecially when you are bored =] i like it a lot!


This was truely a breath taker!

Keep up the good work!


I haven't the words to describe this awesomeness!

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4.28 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2005
10:39 AM EST
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