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TStudio - Logo Battle

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I needed a logo, so after making one, i decided to make a little music video.

Note: The spotlights are interactive.

I wanted a logo that had some relation to flash, so the S obviously almost looks like the flash logo. TS can stand for: Tonio Studio, Toni and the Shinobi (which are both me....), ToniShinobi (a code name I use for some forums).

Bob your head. C'mon!

Enjoy the music video.

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Nice !

I really liked it but i didnt get why those other characters are in the movie?

couldof had som dancing from the char but.......

overalll very gd sweeet music i liked the spotlight part th-
e best but if only the ninga was doing brake dance


The spotlight is my favourite part.

[wild standing ovation]

lol encore man

Way to toot your own horn

I dont ever think Ive seen a flash devoted entirely to its own logo before. It wasn't bad, but you may want to drop the ninja for a chicken - it would match the head movements better as well as be funnier. The logo effects themselves were great.