Metroid Evolution II

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I've just added way better explosions and some more SFX. Also can we keep the critism constructive? I don't want to hear: "I hate you, your movie sucks!" anymore. If you dislike the movie tell me why and I'll see if I can fix it OK? OK

Thankyou to everyone for your support on my earlier movie: Metroid Evolution. You may want to watch the first part before you watch this one.
Once again this is a sprite movie so if you hate sprites then don't watch. All characters, locations, etc. are trademarks of their respective owners.


plz make another one

well made phazon suit dude. but if you make another one (which I really hope) use more FPS (frames per second)


I have a suggestion for the next few.
For the next one, have the Metroid E (evolution) split into all 4 types (after it is defeated again).
After that, when those are beaten, have it fuse together again but into a Metroid Prime-like form.


It wasn't bad the length was an issue (but will be addressed). the fight scenes were somewhat interesting. The grphics were sprites so nothign can be said there. If this can be reffered to as a teser for things to come that would put things in a better perspective. Otherwise it was alright. I don't mind the Metroid themem either.

ShowNoTears responds:

Thanks for the review. I am meant to be working on a new Metroid Evolution 3 but it isn't going as well as I had hoped... It may take a long time to be released.

It was good,if u make a new make it longer.

Nice...revealing picture but nice...making a new one...a little advice...MAKE IT LONGER!!!Otherwise g'job.

ShowNoTears responds:

thanks. I am in the progress of starting a much longer one, but don't expect it anytime soon!

Whoa! Whoa!! Hold on!!

Hold on there! What I assume happened in the story is that Samus was infused with some sort of Phazon Beam. The red one that she used near the end. And how did she get to her ship from that side. Anyway, good flash animation. Hope you got more on the way.

ShowNoTears responds:

She actually just switshed her gun to the plasma beam. Samus' ship has a remote pilot which she can also access with her gun. Thanks for the good review, I'm working on a ME III but that won't be finished for a while and also a Kirby/Star Wars parody which also won't be finished for a while. I'm a lazy bastard. :p

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3.41 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2005
12:15 AM EST
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