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In this episode, the Cold War's hottest hero teaches a misguided youth about the dangers of saving money. This cartoon will hopefully develop the Captain Capitalism character a little more, so that I can do more episodic pieces in the future. Hopefully, you will still enjoy it, even though this one has no obscentities or political themes. Visit www.captaincapitalism.com for more...



The graphics were perfect, and the sound was great too, but it wasn't all that funny. Further into it it seemed kind of like one of those economy movies teachers force you to watch. With more humor I would have liked this a lot more.


80's anti-communism films are the best...

heh heh

funny as always...

i wanna see the 4th of July one tho! with the little kids at some kinda play and the little girl is like talking about fireworkd and Captain Cpitalism mutters "fireworks are from Red China...."

and the he bitchslaps another girls and her face is all American flag style!!

i wanna see that one again!

Very Funny

An excellent cynics look at the American economy. Having just reviewed this in Economics class made it even funnier, due to the fact I had been reflecting on it as my teacher lectured.

Good graphical style, excellent voice acting and lip syncing, and an amazing sense of humor earns this submission a 10.

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Not quite as good as the first, still awesome!

This was really good flash, and seriously contributed to one of the best days ive ever seen in terms of the quality flash entries that were submitted yesterday. It deserves the award it won, and i would like to say congrats on it. It won 3rd on a day with many amazing movies, so its still a great accomplishment. Even if it was a bit worse than the last one i can say i loved it, it had the same awesome visuals and voice acting. Well here is my review.

The graphics, were basically perfect. I gave a 10 to the ones in the last episode and why not this one. I love your animating style, it is kind of realistic, but cartoony in a way at the same time. And i also love the very distinct characteristics you give to each character, like Cpt. Capitalisms massive chest, or Cheney's mouth. Just stuff like that isnt easy to do and in the end they pay off. The style of this one was awesome, though a little less amusing than the last one. Personally i liked the idea better in the first one because that is the style of humour i enjoy. Anyways this one was still creative, well presented and certainly worth the watch. The sound was awesome too, the thing is i would like to see more characters so i can enjoy more of the incredible voices. But im a fan of the captains voice still. The sound effects were nicely done as well.

Overall this was an awesome movie deserving of a top 50 spot for at least a short while. The other one was more impressive and amusing but it did do its job of giving Cpt Capitalism more of a character. I hope this isnt the last cartoon you make using your memorable characters. Keep up the awesome work!
~Two thumbs Way Up! 5/5

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4.19 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2005
3:57 PM EST
Comedy - Original

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