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Robo's Escape

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I played the game 'Bill the robot' here on newgrounds the other day and thought it was a cool concept, but a poor game. So here is the same type of game but with improved gameplay and new features.. and its actually fun to play(I hope). See if you can get above 500 points!

If people seem to like it I'll think about making a sequel with more stuff.

Warning: This game isn't for everyone, it's for people who like logic games and/or programming. If that's not your thing then dont bother, otherwise have fun!

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Oh yeah...

To tell the truth [alliteration!] this game is amusing and disappointing in one!
It's fun to shoot..uhm..laser beams with ''Robo'' but you have a pitch black sense of humor!

Well,it is true that this is an improved version of ''Bill the robot''. It has
better level design and the robot looks cool here. And at least this game has background music! However...the music fades away after a short while and the player is left without any music except sound effects for the entire game!!

The graphics look improved as I said before but,you know, the functions and ''command icons'' don't look as well animated as in ''Bill the robot''! There it looked really professionell as if it was straight from a science-fiction movie or from ''Being-One'' [just search for this game here on NG...].YOUR command charts however look as if it was from a very old PC they used in the late 80's...

One can see that you put quite a lot effort in this game,but it really seems that it's impossible to get over 500 points! After I saw this level,where the chests are on the other side of the gaps,I couldn't take you for real anymore...the last
3 levels,btw,are surely impossible if you want to collect ALL chests! And it seems that I'm not the only one who thinks it's impossible...

Hats off to my for-poster who seemingly bothered himself really much with this game! I'm not THAT intelligent to go so deep into this stuff as he did,but in the last few levels there were way too many twists in one single level,i.e. turn left and go 2 times forward,then turn right and 3 times forward,then left,right,right,left,pick up chest,turn back...etc etc....

Even with functions you couldn't compress every command into the memory of the robot! As one reviewer said before ''looks like Robo needs a memory upgrade''...yeah hehe.He's right! It's impossible that everything fits into his memory!

And for my taste the levels were all in all very boring...you could have avoided this by creating different level designs [a blue level for example] and by putting traps along the road instead of rocks which cannot harm you.

Well...what should I say? This game is good,but next time you submit a game make it with more variety and with less black humor! The least thing a player wants is to be tricked like that! pfff...putting chests in a level which can't be collected..wow,amazing idea..yeah.....

It would be COOL if you made a sequel but...I doubt it will ever happen.
And that's that....


Alright, I tried and tried, but I can't figure out the subprograms. The example you gave doesn't even work.

move, move, flag1, move, return1. - How do I use the other 4 programs?

move, move, flag1, move, flag2, move, return1, move, return 2. - You never get to return 2. It is useless.

Move, move, flag1, move, flag2, move, return2 - You never get to flag1 again, useless.

I understand you can make a single loop at some point, but you can't use all 5. eventually you are doomed to an endless loop. You could make....

move, flag1, move, return2, move, flag 2, move, return1. - but that's the same as
move, flag1, move move move move return1.

Your example was...

flag1, move, move, reset. - What is the point of the flag1? You'll never make it to a return1 in the rest of the program. so the flag1 is useless again....

Either way, you can't make proper programs, or limit how many times it loops...
Overall, pretty frustrating and useless.

That's HARD!

Hard, at least if you try to get all the treasure. Is it possible? (Exluding the one level where it's on the wrong side of a pit). Looks to me like Robo needs a memory upgread. Hehe. It's fun though, like a single player version of Robo Rally, a board game which no one ever wants to play with me...


Really, Really, Really boring.


That game is great, man! I voted a 5. I think this might even be worthy of front page!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2005
9:06 PM EST