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Communist Adventures 4

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The fourth episode of The Communist Adventures of Karl Marx (tCAoKM), titled 'Jicka-What?' Now featuring decent sound quality!

Once again, nothing in this cartoon is intended to be politically.... political. No underlying subversive commentary or anything like that. Just absuriditicity.

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Great work

Great wok keep it up!

I Am Karl Marx

I feel much like Karl Marx (and Communists around the world for that matter); I have been longing for the arrival of a new episode of the Communist Adventures and, much like the Jicka-roo, you delivered in a heart-felt return that saw me tear up as well. Overall this still rocks. You've improved in all aspects- graphics, flow, fight scenes, style, and even AUDIO! I guess the only thing you could better would be interactivity. Somehow.

marx fighting a monster?! so weird u huv to luv it

this flash was amazing. i loved every minute of it! the idea of having karl marx kicking ass is just enough to make u laugh like a maniac.the visuals were ok, i guess some improvement can be made there, but the story was amazing.keep up the good work

this is actually one of the good ones arent sensib

nice... really nice...
it was funny. good job on everything. i expecially liked the loch ness monster. and how it was defeated

Silly, nonsensical fun

I enjoyed the DBZ rips (particualarly the finishing move!), and the irreverence shown towards the political/economic ideologies in general. The joke at the end also worked well (perhaps a little predictable), though I felt you dragged the punchline out a fraction too long.

Obviously, weak production values drag it down substantially. If it was your intention to create deliberately poor animation, I'm not sure if you struck quite the right balance between functionality and parody. Personally I would prefer it if you improved this facet in future productions.