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"Death" of an artist 3

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This will be the third and last death of an artist movies. This one will be a tribute to wade fulp and his evil green ranger "Denvish".

Will the star syndicate have to do battle with another star and will wade fulp be albe to take over and destroy the world with his newgrounds stickers?

Find out next on Death of an artist 3.


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Okay, This is stupid.

Okay, first of all, Making fun of flash artists is WRONG. I dunno why the crap did you want to make such a stupid thing to both of those artists. Second of all, IWillPress isn't dead (I think), I've seen a lots of those flashes before, but please do not making fun of him/her, that goes to Flip(?). Third of all, you suck. You really need to get out of Newgrounds because you're making fun of those artists.

This is going to get blammed soon, so goodbye to this stupid flash for good.

That´s better.

green ranger : "Inuyasha is on. damm, im missing it"
(idontknowwhoitis) : "anime is for fagots"


PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Thanks dude and don't miss the next episode of naruto.

In this one. naruto fights evil, eats ramen and fails at becoming a ninja.

Believe it!



You are teh suck

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Thank you fearterat i know.

I just dont know what to say..

You know what? I think the power rangers should take you to court...I just got curious and ill see how horrible you are at making anime. Your work should not even be on newgrounds...your personal site should be in trash and you ideas are so lame that i cant even understand them...are you a 10 yrs old kid?

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

why not get the orignal creators of zyuranger to take me and the rest of the power rangers at court while were at it?

it's called fair use. I used the power rangers for parody.

Power rangers is edited from footage of zyuranger a sentai tv series.

sentai has been going since the earily 70's in japan for years.

I never actually ripped anything off and neither did the creators of power rangers since they own the rights for the sentai footage.

I think i'll submit to this site all i want since i enjoy pissing people like you off.

For your infomation if i were 10 years old.

I'd be wise beyond my years for i won't be getting all horny over foamy.



Wow not only do you have awsome drawing talent your skills at making gay jokes at someone who you've referded to as a homophobe are uncanny.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Homophobic? I recall most of the reviews say worse gay slurs than my movies.

stop acting like such faggots