Visitin' the Doctor #1

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Like visiting the doctor?

If so, you're crazy! Nobody does and here's one of many future reasons why!

This 'toon is one of our earliest shorts that we made. The goal was to make a series of short gags like this one for the site, so we'll see.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the short!


Good grief

Blam this! It doesn't deserve to see the light of day! You sir are guilty of the heinous crime of disguising a really shit joke with good graphics.


I love the idea, it's so simple and it works the majority of the time. An author retells a favorite joke of their's through animation and we can see a visual interpation of the joke in question. Obviously the two main factors in showcasing a joke are: Is the joke funny and did the author fully show the joke the way it was intended? For the latter, yes - I think there really could be no other way to see the joke drawn, the movements, whether it being the doctor entering the door, or the patient moving his arm - everything was solid. Maybe it could have been a tad smoother, but it was fine. Now, the joke however did not seem all that funny to me. Did he have the tolerence to just wiggling his arm? If so, I just don't think it delivers. Your character designs are pretty good, but the movements could be a little better. I like what you are doing, good like with the series.


qualitytv responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write a very detailed response!

This one was a rather short gag that we made to break the monotony a bit. I can appreciate how everyone's tastes of humor varies, so it's impossible to make the entire world laugh at a joke.

Just as long as some thought it was funny or at least presented well enough that it had the potential to be funny, that makes the process worth it.

The other part is learning about what works and what doesn't. We've had a lot of fun experimenting with different styles of animation, trying to find what works best for what we're trying to offer. Not always an easy task, but we're learning! ;)

Needless to say, we appreciate your detailed comments on this one! Thanks again!

Pretty good

But even though its a short it could have had a introduction and maybe have the kid being rushed to the hospital. But other than that it was good.


qualitytv responds:


Fair enough. It probably would have been received a little better had we added a little more of an introduction.

Still, glad you thought it was good anyway! Thanks for watching!


i did not get that... i'm sorry ur flash animation is too short, but good graphics though.. yeah, ur in the right track, i'm lookin' forward for a LONGER flash animation from you! ok? lol

qualitytv responds:


We are working on longer 'toons as well. This one was just a quick joke to break the monotony!


Thanks for your response!

it is too short

it is too short so it is a piece of crap but good try thogh

qualitytv responds:

It was meant to be a really short 'toon, but not all jokes are meant to be drawn out I suppose.

Thanks anyway for watching and taking the time to respond! :)

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Nov 3, 2005
5:46 PM EST
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