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City Escape

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This is a REALLY SHORT game, since it was originally designed as a minigame. The point is to not get killed by the weird-looking enemies and make it a whole 60 seconds exactly without dying. Do that, and you win.

TIP: Shoot IN FRONT of the enemy to adjust for their speed!

I also made the music to go along with it!

So, I made this game a couple weeks ago - originally for an unofficial contest at XGen, which was for minigames, but the contest fell through so I expanded the idea a little and made this. It's definately not my best work, but it's alright.

Eventually I decided to put it in the new Armor Games Flash contest. Inglor's gaurenteed me $50 if I don't win anything, so I guess it's worth it.

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I really really like this game

short, simple, creative enemies, I like it. I wish I could get an MP3 of the music.


Wasant that fun. I liked only the style and graphics of the game.


Wow realy nice game!
Just enough to be a great mini-game.

Sounds - GREAT!
Interactivity - AWESOMEE!!!
Overall: 9/10! great work!

*More weapons
*More enemies
*More than one level
Still your game is awesome!
Keep that up!

174634$ & an A+
Later! Max-Pain.

I'm gonna enter that contest

I'm making my own game... not very good so far, though, (been only 2 days) and I'm fairly new at AS. But you never win anything if you don't try.

You're also the guy to beat, apparently, mr. 3.73. ^_^

It was ok

it was ok cept the first time i played, for sum reason it didnt have any enemies and i won within ten seconds.... wierd glitch