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Cool Things 998

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Cool things

This one was really fast paced but was some funny stuff, maybe these could be a tad longer, Well this was a cool movie with some randomness about it "I-LOKE-THE-STYLE-HERE" with the animation and especially like the random factor on these, you bring some entertaining value with this stuff, and the art is notbad its the random factor that really makes these something else, so nice job here.

fast paced but was some funny stuff, maybe these could be a tad longer


dang dat was cool

asome stuff asome stuff lol that rocked


It is a pretty nice movie, I enjoyed watching most of it, however, there are things there needs to be fixed. First of all, the graphics was pretty good, in most of the short movies (if you can call them that) was pretty good. However, there are a lot of pictures which don't donate anything to the movie and also make the graphics uglier. Furrthermore, there is no background at all, and a background would really add to this movie. Second of all, the style was pretty good, I like the illogical style and unorganized order of the short movies this movie is built of. Third of all, there is no a lot of soundtrecks in this movie, so as regular sounds, although there is a place for a lot of soundtrecks. However, in the short movie you did put a soundtreck it was pretty good. Fourth of all, I like the script, it was very crazy and illogical, which made it pretty funny. However, I also laughed of it's silliness, I don't know if it is good or not, but it was funny... Anyway, it was a pretty good movie, well done.

BreadFruitLock responds:

yowza, thanks!


nice pre-loader.... but that was about it.... nothing too good or exciting here.

BreadFruitLock responds:



Now THAT is cool!

BreadFruitLock responds: