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A Normal Day

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This is about a man who has very bad luck. I hope you will
enjoy this movie.

Please give a review ! :)

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I wouldn't call the day you die a normal day actually.
Nice work though.


Hi cousin! I can see that you have improved your skills when it comes to animating. There is nothing to complain to when its about the graphics because I can see that you´ve put down some time on this movie. Now I must give you some bad critics too,or else you cant improve any more right? The only thing is the sound. Dont misunderstand me,the music is wonderful and its good timing,but try to sound more enthuiastic when you´re doing the voice. This also concern your other movies. Otherwise its great. Your sense of humor is great although i might recognize it sometimes from Tom and Jerry and similar movies hehe. I will give you a 9 because the movie is great and you have improved well,but maybe theres still more to work on. Keep up the good work! // your cousin Emil


This movis is good. It was funny, and I liked the constant humor you put into this. The slow motion and 3-d parts were great ideas. Your graphics were good and the animation was smooth. This is a good concept for a movie. The background music was very good. It must suck for this to be this guy's normal kind of day. About the normal day part, if this is his normal kind of day then why did he die at the end? I think you should have made the movie be longer, and if it was to the extent of a full day then this could be a masterpiece. Oh well, good job on it anyway.

globb90 responds:

Yeah, i know i planned to make it longer but im working on a better project now.

Thanks for the review.


That was pretty good. You're an O.K. artist, you're just not funny. Try again though.

globb90 responds:

Okey, aint i ?

I Saw That In A Movie Once...It Was Better

Decent premise, but run-of-the-mill graphics and annoying sound clips made it obnoxious.

globb90 responds:

What ?? E-mail me and explain what you mean i dont get it ?