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Boy & His Blob: Halloween

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A boy and his blob experience their last halloween together.

Thanks for watching, happy halloween, and thank you Newgrounds for frontpage!

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Wow, that was goofy. I admit to being turned off by how zany it was. I do love the animation. I mean, the voice acting is wonderfully fluid too. The song at the end is nice. I knew the boy would do something like that to him.

He would want to be in a blob centipede. Please change your avatar! I just love this sprite work. The logo looks like "DuckTales".

Ho-lee Shet! You should do more sprite animations on Youtube and top Foc- I mean Dorkly

The best part was the kid hitting the dumb blob, then it killed itself. You won me with this.

i still like the remix of this one but this one aint bad i gotta say

That's no cotton candy! it's "Blob"

Do not eat that Blob those are not Jellybeans

Blob: I know and i Loved it


Ho Shit