NM B4 Halloween 13th 2

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Nightmare Before Halloween the 13th 2
The sequel.

TRICK - 2:00 for the entire game. 7 Pictures // 6 Differences each. Up to ten bonus seconds for each picture can be included. You can only look for differences during Bonus Time, you cannot click any. A wrong click is -3 seconds.

TREAT - :30 for each level. 7 Pictures // 3 Differences each. Unlimited amount of Bonus Time can be accumulated based on how quickly you finish each level. You can click any differences during Bonus Time. A wrong click is -3 seconds.

This game is an improved version of last years. All of you who complained last years was too hard because you didn't get to see both pictuers, here you go, now go beat it faster and then get bored and tell me it should have been harder.. haha. I did begin to run out of time to get it done before Halloween, so there's a chance you may run into a couple bugs. Sorry.

And yes, I know the link to my website doesn't go through. That was dumb, but I'm at work right now and can't fix it, so blah.


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this sucked hard.

this was horrible.


i hate it

pretty good, i'm just used to the touch screen

your changes were pretty subtle, good job though man, i liked the pictures you chose.

Better than the first

I liked the first one, and this one is a marked improvement, but there's just a couple of things I'd like to see if you're planning on making another this year.

For starters, a replay button on hard mode. It's really frustrating to have to sit through the credits or close and re open the game every time you lose. Maybe after failure on hard mode, you could retry from the same pic with the same time, or a small time penalty to prevent castrating the game's difficulty?

One thing that you took out from the last game were the hints, which maybe after failing at a picture a few times, you should have the option to view (I'm hoplessly stuck on the American Psycho pic, I can only find 5 differences)

One other thing is that the little twirly designs on the frame you use overlaps the pics in the top corners. I found that to be a distraction from searching for differences.

I don't know, just a couple of suggestions. I hope you're doing another.

SecretAgentRege responds:

Good feedback. I am doing a third iteration, I just hope to get it done in time. Stay tuned.


I had thought I reviewed this already...

but maybe not. I have to say this is quite imrpoved from the earlier edition. It is very well done and I like the style. My only problem with it was that if you lose you were forced to watch the not-so-short credits screen, which is nice for your names but not after the 3rd time. Also, in case as of yet there has still not been a champion for the hard difficulty setting, I completed the difficult mode a while ago, probably about 15-20 minutes after I wrote the other review. The bonus time helped very much. Good job and I hope there will be a third edition this halloween.

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2.95 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2005
12:59 PM EST
Puzzles - Difference