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Lost in shadows

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The explanation of what happened in lost in the darkness, please, please watch and vote on that before you watch this, heres the link: http://newgrounds.com/po




tht the news guy is clearly a twat, if he wants to call other ppl ugly he shud put a pic of himself on his profile

ya wana go make stupid unhelpfull pointless comments just leave newgrounds right now cos thts not what its for

also jus comment on what it is, not why it "shouldnt be their" or "it was crap but omg i cant even explain why" (everything by everyone... duh)

gd anim tim but you hav so much beta stuf since this!

uh ok

it was good
but has no excelent animation
and had no storyline
didnt explain anything
i think you were just copying stickfingers or whatever his name is
and i just looked at your profile
goddamn your ugly!!!
like really
im not kidding or trying to piss you off
your very ugly
it upsets me

nice work

Very good work
The style and athmosphere was very good.
The sound and music were made good in this movie.

Niiiice... and thanx!

Thanx for using my music man... really, youv grasped an aspect of why i made it...
You pay great attention to detail, i liked it alot, it was twisted... good job!


youme responds:

no problem, Once I had heard your piece, I instantly knew it fitted.

Much stranger

I have already left a review for the movie previous to this one, if you haven't read it yet. And I found this one to be slightly better. Although they were... very similar. Almost, too similar, to be honest. But the changes made were enough to pass it off as a seperate movie, and if you contrast both of them it is easy to see that they are most certainly not the same.

The graphics were once again, quite eye-catching. I really enjoyed your animations, for the most part, and I found that they graphics were done well enough to actually make me feel a little bit creeped out. The "demons" could have been drawn better to look a little bit scarier, but I found that they were at least a little freaky looking. Just in time for halloween, I suppose. The style was great, as I mentioned in my other review. I really like how you combined a bit of David Firth-esque graphics and music to your own style to make a very unique flash. The walls changing colors and too look as if they were almost bleeding added a wonderful touch, and the black and white flashes were also done very well. The flickering in the characters eyes was something I have never seen before, and I really thought that added a lot to the flash.

The sound was a lot better than the previous one. I found that it fit the flash quite well, and really gave it a sort of ominous feel. It is always good to see a flash coincide well with it's music, and this one is a near perfect example of that. The violence wasn't much different from the other flash, but the idea of cutting an arm in half and eating one half of it in a corner still comes across as a liiiittle strange. Despite the fact that I already saw it in the other one.

You've got some talent, kid. It's not often that I ever see a half decent movie series come out of anybody below the age of 17 or 18, nevermind a pretty damned good one. Just make sure that all your ideas remain as original as they are, and you might just end up becoming a big success on this site. You have a lot of competition, but I think you've got what it takes. Great flash, perfect style, unique sound, and overall just plain awesome. Fantastic work, I look foward to seeing your next bit.

youme responds:


The two movies were, as you say, in credably similar, although the second ones is longer and suposed to reveal slightly more (although not much) of what is really happening to the guy.
The pair of animations were not suposed to be releaced at halloween specificly (as I don't do anything for halloween) they just happened to be created around this time anyway. All for the better I guess, people want creepy movies at halloween.
I also think the sound is better, I found the music after i finished the first one when I decided to do a sequel. I was just fishing around the audio portal.
Thanks for the suport.

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3.51 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2005
3:30 AM EST
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