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Author Comments

never laugh...
Is same if situation that everybody is same approaches.

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That was... wierd

Really strange...

I don't really know what to make of this. I understand it, but it's lack of story confuses and scares me.

Animation is great. Beautiful, but I'm taken a back by the lack of sense in it.


Absolutly perfect

Perfect little pick me up on a bad day! Its cute its sweet its to the point and every one can relate b\c everyone has had that day or has been that guy... pot :)


Grenade lighter and bandaged pot. heh..

Dont ever laugh at others, laugh with them

Its nice how you potrayed that. If someone has a misfortunate and people laugh at you, the people laughing never stick together. They would easily abandon eachother and blame it on one little sheep that couldnt stop laughing. Its not funny if the person who experienced the bad fortunate isnt laughing as well.