Trash Has a Seizure

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Hello folks. I've been a bit lazy recently, so i thought i'd make a movie about that time me and Trash where watching a good movie. Fun times, never forget. Please watch, review fairly, and enjoy :)

EDIT: Apparantly i spelt seizure wrong in the movie i'm ever so sorry don't call the cops :(

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Loved it.

EXRazeBurn, although I do agree that there are plenty of lock legion submissions that suck complete ass, there are still plenty of really good ones. Ya just gotta sort through the pile of shit to find the gold nuggets. :D

Too bad this flash didnt have a chain seizure right after commie saw the new flash vid. That would've probably made my day.

i liked it, but.....

it kind of makes fun of epileptics....

Another great short, curtousy of Starlock

Today I'm feeling slightly philisophical and wordy, so I'll let ya know up front that a lengthy gripe precedes the review so skip it if you're in a hurry.

I'm not normally keen on the clock/lock/glock flashs *shutters over the last one* that seem to endlessly flood the portal, but there are a few decent authors out there that seem to rise above the generic porn, potty and pot jokes (not to mention that godawful "teh end" kid screaming at us at the end) to make some actually entertaining flashes. This is one such individual.

Starlock is a cut above mainly because he does shorts (the vast majority of the clock/lock/glock flash setups), and he does them like they should be: concise, to the point, with some nice clean humour. This flash is no exception.


This particular flash was great in multiple respects:

The graphics were of a competant level of detail (above average for a lock flash) and more importantly flowed smoothly from begining to end (I'd guess it's because of a high FPS rate but I don't know flash that well :) ). The manipulations of the keyholes's shapes to express the locks' emotions showed a particularly high level of precision and forethought (flatening the top part for non-chalant moments, enlarging it for fright, etc.). Heck even the crappy flash within the flash was better than half the crap that gets crammed into the portal :)

Sound was pretty good overall. Nice choices for begining and end themes, and the "seizure flash"s music wasn't half bad either. Also the voices were pretty decently assembled (yes I know you build these voices from a voice library). I particularly like the "screaming" sound you came up with. Great stuff.
One major flaw in the sound choices IMO was your choice to use the same voice for both Trash and Communist. I'd have chosen separate voices since they were grouped together. As it was I had to watch it twice to make sure "about bloody time" was said by Trash and not Communist (watch it and you'll see). Still a decent job.

Premise was a great one to cover, as people always talk about seizure inducing movies with grave overtones but never seem to make tasteful parodies of theme. And the dialogue...I watched the flash three times just to listen to MP3's part XD. Terrific stuff...classic Starlock.

Overall if you like clock/lock flashes and have an open minded (albeit slightly sick) sense of humour, you'll definitely find this piece worthwhile.

And to any who still think this flash is in bad taste...I happen to have epilepsy, and I found this funny not offensive, so piss off ;)

Great job Starlock



StarLock responds:

Wow. Just wow, this is definatly one of the best reviews i've ever recieved. Thankyou for the constructive info and all the compliments. It's nice to know that i wasn't wasting my time when i set out to make the and entertain the NG folks. Thanks again :)


Random humor, several "rofl" moments, and great animation in barely a minute.
How do you do it?

StarLock responds:

Magic :)


You spelled seizure wrong, but that was still hilarious. Good job.

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3.56 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2005
6:39 PM EST
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