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Blockhead: Episode 4

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Blockhead, Episode 4: Guests

Blockhead celebrates Halloween...on the wrong day.

Watch Episode 3: http://www.newgrounds.co

(Sorry about the file size!)

Note: You Newgrounds guys are OK by me! When the day comes that I host my flash animations myself, I'll be linking to you guys up the wazoo. Whatever that is. But you just wait and see. I owe it to you all for hosting my strange cartoons for so long without having your heads explode. As for the Blockhead audience - good on you for watching. I like to know that I'm not making these things and then tossing them down a bottomless hole. Whether kind or hateful, you guys' reviews have been awesome!

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Wrong day dude


First rained in metropolis it a were termination reporting

But he has a sphere on his head not a b-block...

A great vibe from this submission

A nice one some subtitles would be a nice addition to this, This was a great submission, you have an amazing animation here with all that takes place you have some smooth detail and the charcater itself is pretty amazing with some funny and amusing characteristics, overall this is a good little animation you have here and hope you keep making more just like this one.

A nice one some subtitles would be a nice addition to this