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Castlevania 2 ( GGT )

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UPDATE 1: WOOHOO !! FRONTPAGE ! My first time, thanks TOM ! This rocks !
Castlevania : Wrath of the Undead Legion part 2 !
Here is the promised part 2 of my castlevania movie.

The skullknight has been revived by the undead legion and they're headed for Belmont's town ! 13 min. of almost non-stop action !
To get more grip about the storyline , watch part 1 here :

And NG, thank you for putting part 1 in your collection, i am truly honored ! thanks !

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This was really good, favorite effect was when the guy jumped off the columns and how you zoomed in and out, sweet. P.S. That version of princess could have hovered, ;p lulz

Lol, the final part.

Toadstool: What are you drinking cutie?
Superman: I'm drinking magic beer!
Toadstool: This isn't really magic beer, it is?
Superman: Yes, i'll show you
*superman drink the beer* *flies*
Toadstool: This is really amazing!
*drinks the beer*
*go out to try to fly* *she canĀ“t and falls*

LOL!!! My favourite part.


This is great :)


.. if castlevania played like this. 10/10


Toasty + dead princess peach =FUNNY