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Save Halloween!

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Just a little Halloween game for all to enjoy :)

All Halloween creatures have been cursed. Save all creatures with your magical pumpkin seed. You have to save them before midnight or they will disappear forever!

Have fun :)

p.s. if game runs slow, change quality (default key: Q)

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For some reason, i really like this game, whether it be the simplicity or something else, i dont know... but im giving this a 4/5 and 8/10, good job (y)


was ok but i agree with MikeDias make it better different guns... make it more like a shooter. good luck ;p

good game

wasent to good :( but if the pumkin had some kinda gun to shoot the mummys that would be cool:)

your on to something

game wasnt too good but you could turn it into sumthing bigger. you could have more likes better g5raphics more music more weapons then ill give the game a higher score.. but for now a 6/10 seems fair

Average score for an average game

Look this game was decent at best. I couldnt even play through the second level due to the fact that I hated the controlls. If I hold control and hit up or down on my browser it takes me to a different window leaving my poor guy helpless till I switch back and click the mouse. The graphics were ok, the 3d effect was pretty good, the sound and music seemed pretty origional. All together the game has been done in many ways in other games. But still I know were not all pro coders out here. Hell I cant do anything in flash but I still got to call it as it is so thats that!