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I OKed this posting with Tom first.
This is a Tutorial for a FREE Flash character animation Extension I wrote for Flash 7 and 8 that speeds up the character animation process within Flash.
You can download this plug-in from my site under Flash Tools.


Awesome sir.

I actually used it on Oh Fetus Tree.... it really sped up the animation. It rules....thanks for making it!


The download doesnt work, send it to me please

Or at least email me back saying what i should do, or post me ur email on dis fing

What is this for?

Why is this needed? Can't you already do the same thing by placing the different mouths in the same graphic symbol and just changing the keyframes?I just want to know I'm not trying to diss it. It seems pretty cool I just want to know why is it needed.

animonger responds:

It's 3 times faster. It let's you swap out symbols in real-time. Without my plug-in you have set the keyframe then click on the symbol on stage then type a number into the properties panel. With my plug-in you set the keyframe then move the slider in real-time and you are done. Download it and try it out for yourself.

Useful tutorial.

Thats a very useful tutorial you have created. That will definitely help a lot of n00bs in flash.

animonger responds:

Thanks, it's useful for Flash vets as well.


I'm divided on this one... the very first thing I thought was that this was really an attempt to sell a new product, but you can't even be accused of that because you don't charge money for it. I dunno if this is a valid shortcut which will become the norm in the future or there's some kind of hidden catch... but wait we're going beyond the point here... doesn't this flash movie still count as advertising? Gah I dunno wether to blam this or what! @_@

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Oct 28, 2005
2:58 PM EDT
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