The Rice Hat Warrior

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An evil warlord must be stopped. Your master and family must be avenged. Your honour must be reclaimed. Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your heart.

*Whoa.. frontpage. Thanks to all of you who liked the game and cheers to everyone who's left reviews. I advise turning off backgrounds and setting to low quality for decent running speed. Regardless though, it does run a bit slower online than when I run the .swf straight from my computer... if anyone knows anything about this sorta problem please let me know. Sorry to all the people who find it runs too slow and unresponsively*

This is my first (completed) game effort, an action game set in feudal Japan, where you play as a master swordsman.

Make sure you read the instructions first. For slower computers turning off the backgrounds and setting to low quality is suggested. If you're having trouble with the bosses read the hints. Grasshopper mode is there if you find it too difficult.

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the sword was so slow! you can barely survive


it has a great storyline, and a good art style, but the game itself was very clunky and hard to play.


Good game overall. I found it interesting that your character is an outline, a shell, while your enemies are full form. Overall the gameplay is not too slow, though it might be if you stood still and let them come to you.

However, I found no use for the long range attack except for the shuriken boss. It was much faster to wield the short dagger (as a wakazashi and tanto are both too long for the weapon he was wielding there) and stab them in the face than it was to swing the sword two three times for a normal enemy.

The horseride...really there was no call to deflect arrows since you could kill the archers and horsemen within moments of each other.

The mentions of honor fit in very nicely, and I enjoyed the end scene immensely.

Overall, a nice solid eight.

Nice one but SLOWWW

it was a nice game. i dont know about other players but i liked the red and black style u used. Speeding up the game a little would be nice and using arrows and maybe even spears ( like a naginata or yari) or something would be great instead of just a simple katana and tanto (short sword). But i liked it though. ill be looking forward for your second game.

Nice game but ...

With a Mac G3 300mhz system it seems to take the character from the regularly scheduled level .... into over time [opponents: -1, -2, -3, -4, and what seems the be a Shurinkin (?) Warrior which can not be harmed; while he loves to take damage on me.

I am assuming that with the next level comes healing.

Your animation style while slow, is interesting. I would encourage you to continue work on this and other projects.

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3.46 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2005
2:54 PM EDT
Action - Other